hammer user [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...


SUBCOMMAND                    subcommand
[ARG] ...                     subcommand arguments


add-role                      Assign a user role
create                        Create an user.
delete                        Delete an user.
info                          Show an user.
list                          List all users.
remove-role                   Remove a user role
ssh-keys                      Managing User SSH Keys.
update                        Update an user.

Module Contents



Manipulates Foreman’s users.

class robottelo.cli.user.User

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates Foreman’s users.

command_base = user
classmethod add_role(cls, options=None)

Add a role to a user.

classmethod remove_role(cls, options=None)

Remove a role from user.

classmethod ssh_keys_add(cls, options=None)

Usage: hammer user ssh-keys add [OPTIONS]

Options: –key KEY Public SSH key –key-file KEY_FILE Path to a SSH public key –location LOCATION_NAME Location name –location-id LOCATION_ID –location-title LOCATION_TITLE Location title –name NAME –organization ORGANIZATION_NAME Organization name –organization-id ORGANIZATION_ID Organization ID –organization-title ORGANIZATION_TITLE Organization title –user USER_LOGIN User’s login to search by –user-id USER_ID

classmethod ssh_keys_delete(cls, options=None)

Usage: hammer user ssh-keys delete [OPTIONS]

classmethod ssh_keys_list(cls, options=None)

Usage: hammer user ssh-keys list [OPTIONS]

classmethod ssh_keys_info(cls, options=None)

Usage: hammer user ssh-keys info [OPTIONS]