hammer template [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] …


SUBCOMMAND Subcommand [ARG] … Subcommand arguments


add-operatingsystem Associate an operating system build-pxe-default Update the default PXE menu on all configured TFTP servers clone Clone a provision template combination Manage template combinations create Create a provisioning template delete Delete a provisioning template dump View provisioning template content info Show provisioning template details kinds List available provisioning template kinds list List provisioning templates remove-operatingsystem Disassociate an operating system update Update a provisioning template

Module Contents



Manipulates Foreman’s configuration templates.

class robottelo.cli.template.Template

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates Foreman’s configuration templates.

command_base = template
classmethod kinds(cls, options=None)

Returns list of types of templates.

classmethod add_operatingsystem(cls, options=None)

Adds operating system, requires “id” and “operatingsystem-id”.

classmethod remove_operatingsystem(cls, options=None)

Remove operating system, requires “id” and “operatingsystem-id”.

classmethod clone(cls, options=None)

Clone provided provisioning template

classmethod build_pxe_default(cls, options=None)

Build PXE default template