hammer organization [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...


SUBCOMMAND                    subcommand
[ARG] ...                     subcommand arguments


add-computeresource           Associate a resource
add-domain                    Associate a resource
add-environment               Associate a resource
add-hostgroup                 Associate a resource
add-location                  Associate a location
add-medium                    Associate a resource
add-provisioning-template     Associate provisioning templates
add-smartproxy                Associate a resource
add-subnet                    Associate a resource
add-user                      Associate a resource
create                        Create an organization
delete                        Delete an organization
delete-parameter              Delete parameter for an organization.
info                          Show an organization
list                          List all organizations
remove_computeresource        Disassociate a resource
remove_domain                 Disassociate a resource
remove_environment            Disassociate a resource
remove_hostgroup              Disassociate a resource
remove-location               Disassociate a location
remove_medium                 Disassociate a resource
remove-provisioning-template  Disassociate provisioning templates
remove_smartproxy             Disassociate a resource
remove_subnet                 Disassociate a resource
remove_user                   Disassociate a resource
set-parameter                 Create or update parameter for an
update                        Update an organization

Module Contents



Manipulates Foreman’s Organizations


Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates Foreman’s Organizations

command_base = organization
classmethod add_compute_resource(cls, options=None)

Adds a computeresource to an org

classmethod remove_compute_resource(cls, options=None)

Removes a computeresource from an org

classmethod add_domain(cls, options=None)

Adds a domain to an org

classmethod remove_domain(cls, options=None)

Removes a domain from an org

classmethod add_environment(cls, options=None)

Adds an environment to an org

classmethod remove_environment(cls, options=None)

Removes an environment from an org

classmethod add_hostgroup(cls, options=None)

Adds a hostgroup to an org

classmethod remove_hostgroup(cls, options=None)

Removes a hostgroup from an org

classmethod add_location(cls, options=None)

Adds a location to an org

classmethod remove_location(cls, options=None)

Removes a location from an org

classmethod add_medium(cls, options=None)

Adds a medium to an org

classmethod remove_medium(cls, options=None)

Removes a medium from an org

classmethod add_provisioning_template(cls, options=None)

Adds a provisioning template to an org

classmethod remove_provisioning_template(cls, options=None)

Removes a provisioning template from an org

classmethod add_smart_proxy(cls, options=None)

Adds a smartproxy to an org

classmethod remove_smart_proxy(cls, options=None)

Removes a smartproxy from an org

classmethod add_subnet(cls, options=None)

Adds existing subnet to an org

classmethod remove_subnet(cls, options=None)

Removes a subnet from an org

classmethod add_user(cls, options=None)

Adds an user to an org

classmethod remove_user(cls, options=None)

Removes an user from an org