hammer host-collection [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...


SUBCOMMAND                    subcommand
[ARG] ...                     subcommand arguments


add-host                      Add host to the host collection
copy                          Make copy of a host collection
create                        Create a host collection
delete                        Destroy a host collection
erratum                       Manipulate errata for a host collection
hosts                         List all hosts
info                          Show a host collection
list                          List host collections
package                       Manipulate packages for a host collection
package-group                 Manipulate package-groups for a host collection
remove-host                   Remove hosts from the host collection
update                        Update a host collection

Module Contents



Manipulates Katello engine’s host-collection command.

class robottelo.cli.hostcollection.HostCollection

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates Katello engine’s host-collection command.

command_base = host-collection
classmethod add_host(cls, options=None)

Add host to the host collection

classmethod remove_host(cls, options=None)

Remove hosts from the host collection

classmethod hosts(cls, options=None)

List hosts added to the host collection


hammer host-collection hosts [OPTIONS]


--environment ENVIRONMENT_NAME          Name to search by
--environment-id ENVIRONMENT_ID
--hostgroup HOSTGROUP_NAME              Name to search by
--hostgroup-id HOSTGROUP_ID
--id HOST_COLLECTION_ID                 Host Collection ID
--location LOCATION_NAME                Name to search by
--location-id LOCATION_ID
--name HOST_COLLECTION_NAME             Host Collection Name
--order ORDER                           sort results
--organization ORGANIZATION_NAME        Organization name to
                                        search by
--organization-id ORGANIZATION_ID       organization ID
--organization-label ORGANIZATION_LABEL Organization label to
                                        search by
--page PAGE                             paginate results
--per-page PER_PAGE                     number of entries per
--search SEARCH                         filter results
-h, --help                              print help
classmethod erratum_install(cls, options)

Schedule errata for installation

classmethod package_install(cls, options)

Schedule package for installation

classmethod copy(cls, options)

Clone existing host collection