hammer content-view [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...


SUBCOMMAND                    subcommand
[ARG] ...                     subcommand arguments


add-repository                Associate a resource
add-version                   Update a content view
component                     View and manage components
copy                          Copy a content view
create                        Create a content view
delete                        Delete a content view
filter                        View and manage filters
info                          Show a content view
list                          List content views
publish                       Publish a content view
puppet-module                 View and manage puppet modules
remove                        Remove versions and/or environments from a
                              content view and reassign systems and keys
remove-from-environment       Remove a content view from an environment
remove-repository             Disassociate a resource
remove-version                Remove a content view version from a
                              composite view
update                        Update a content view
version                       View and manage content view versions


-h, --help                    print help

Module Contents



Manipulates content view filter rules.


Manipulates content view filters.


Manipulates Foreman’s content view.

class robottelo.cli.contentview.ContentViewFilterRule

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates content view filter rules.

command_base = content-view filter rule
classmethod create(cls, options=None)

Create a content-view filter rule

class robottelo.cli.contentview.ContentViewFilter

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates content view filters.

command_base = content-view filter
class robottelo.cli.contentview.ContentView

Bases: robottelo.cli.base.Base

Manipulates Foreman’s content view.

command_base = content-view
classmethod add_repository(cls, options)

Associate repository to a selected CV.

classmethod add_version(cls, options)

Associate version to a selected CV.

classmethod copy(cls, options)

Copy existing content-view to a new one

classmethod publish(cls, options, timeout=1500)

Publishes a new version of content-view.

classmethod version_info(cls, options, output_format=None)

Provides version info related to content-view’s version.

classmethod version_incremental_update(cls, options)

Performs incremental update of the content-view’s version

classmethod puppet_module_add(cls, options)

Associate puppet_module to selected CV

classmethod puppet_module_list(cls, options)

List content view puppet modules

classmethod puppet_module_remove(cls, options)

Remove a puppet module from the content view

classmethod version_list(cls, options)

Lists content-view’s versions.

classmethod version_promote(cls, options, timeout=600)

Promotes content-view version to next env.

classmethod version_export(cls, options, timeout=300)

Exports content-view version in given directory

classmethod version_import(cls, options, timeout=300)

Imports content-view version from a given directory

classmethod version_delete(cls, options)

Removes content-view version.

classmethod remove_from_environment(cls, options=None)

Remove content-view from an environment

classmethod remove(cls, options=None)

Remove versions and/or environments from a content view and reassign content hosts and keys

classmethod remove_version(cls, options=None)

Remove a content view version from a composite view

classmethod remove_repository(cls, options)

Remove repository from content view

classmethod component_add(cls, options=None)

Add components to the content view

classmethod component_list(cls, options=None)

List components attached to the content view